Van der Poel Sharity Fund believes in people developing themselves, rather than being developed. The fund aims to “hand them a fishing rod” in the effort, through the offering of education opportunities or supporting means.

Especially the underpriviliged and those who are (on the verge of becoming) socially excluded, often lack the opportunity to develop their talents and potential skills, or miss the enablers to remain part of society through, for example, receding physical wellbeing or lack of (digital) communication opportunities

We desire to provide especially these people with the means to improve the quality of their lives, positively impacting not just them, but also the communities they live in.


We aim to realise this mission through funding, and monitoring of progress of project based initiatives by either individuals, groups of individuals, or legal entities, that are in line with the following project requirements:

  • Educational projects, with measurable results
  • Projects that promote significant and lasting change
  • Projects that offer facilities or equipment in support of the mission

The projects should have a financial scope that can either be funded through the Van der Poel Sharity Fund itself, or in coöperation with a few other foundations with equivalent mission/objectives.


Beleidsplan 2014