Projects in 2018


  • We financed the purchase of a fishing boat, including tools, in Pangandaran, Java, Indonesia to enable poor fisherman to earn a living.


  • In India, we supported SAC by financing a solar project. Purpose of the project is to transfer know how to assemble solar lanterns as well as the knowledge to market these products. The course is especially targeted at women and younger people.


  • We teamed up with the Philips Lighting Foundation for a project called “Solar Lantern Libraries” in Cambodia. Lanterns are charged at school via solar panels and they provide not only light at home, but also a mobile phone charging function.


  • T+ Huis is a ‘social design organisation’, active in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.  They apply design to matters of education and societal development. T+REIZEN concerns one of their projects.  With this project, they aim to provide children who live in vulnerable situations with a broader perspective of what live can offer them in terms of capability development and prospective jobs associated with that.  The project’s purpose is to take a group of children to a range of companies in the neighbourhood, show them the kind of work these companies offer, and challenge them to come up with creative and innovative solutions to a business issue the company is facing.   For this, T+Huis was in need of a ‘travel kit’, which could be used to inspire companies to get involved in this project, possibly as part of their corporate responsibility program.   Furthermore, the travel kit would provide the base material for the roll out of this project.   Firmly believing that any form of travel broadens de mind, we sponsored the development of this travel kit.


Financial results 2018