Projects in 2012

La Casita, Foundation Children of Ecuador

Our fund continued them  providing the financial means with which they could purchase all necessary household effects, enabling the exploitation of the home.


Vitalife magnetic field therapy
The purpose of this therapy is to achieve and maintain a natural balance of our body, doing so in a natural manner. Magnetic field therapy is used and is meant to reduce the likelihood of illness and absenteeism, enable improved sports achievements and reduce injuries, as a preventive measure without medicines and their side effects.
In 2012 we have financed a system for an elderly couple with several medical problemsBy making use of the magnetic field system, both have substantially less complaints and certain no longer need specific medical treatment.


Stichting Peduli Anak
Peduli Anak is a foundation dedicated to improving the living conditions and self-reliance of the street children on Lombok. We are sponsoring the education of 11 children.


Prana planet
This foundation was started as a private initiative with the aim to provide a direct contribution to the quality of life of people in Ladakh, a province in the Indian Himalaya.
This province is populated by the Ladakh mountain people and Tibetan refugees. The support of projects is primarily targeted at the maintenance and improvement of education, healthcare and preservation of the culture.
We supported the foundation by the funding of a workshop for glass works, where about 10 persons from the Tibetan community, with a slight handicap can follow a 3 months course. After such education, they have better chances of a paid job.


- Financial Results 2012