Projects in 2011


We supported the education of hairdressers/beauty specialists


Ortega waterproject

We supported a clean drinkwater en sanitation project for Tepa Durjela, a small town in the region South East Maluku, Indonesia


La Casita, Foundation Children of Ecuador

Home Casita: “Let the children develop themselves” Our fund has helped La Casita by providing the financial means with which they could purchase all necessary household effects, enabling the exploitation of the home.


Stichting Peduli Anak

Peduli Anak is a foundation dedicated to improving the living conditions and self-reliance of the street children on Lombok. We are sponsoring the education of 11 children



Jyohti Hospital in Kuruda Balasore, Orissa, India.

Nursing education. The foundation “Stichting Calcutta” has been supporting underprivileged children in the Indian state of Orissa since 1968. We sponsored the second fase of a 2 year nurse education, by funding the food, tuition fees, coaching, uniforms, transport, books and medical cost for 18 students.


- Financial Results 2011