Projects in 2010

Tserovani Georgie,

The Tserovani settlement was built by the Georgian government briefly after the war with Russia in August 2008. Around 6000 people, who fled their houses during the August aggression, now try to built a new future in Tserovani amongst several other villages in the Shida Kartli Region.The residents are financially supported by the Georgian government, but they are expected to gradually become self reliant. The SOCO Foundation, a well known partner of our fund, wished to improve employability of the residents by: offering classes in computer and English language necessary for computer use and basic communication offering courses for ‘beauty at home’ care (hairstyling, face treatment, pedicure and manicure) which will on one hand reduce the expenses the young ladies are spending on these services and on the other hand will prepare them to get (self-) employed in this branch. Our fund provided the financial means for the purchase of the necessary materials, ranging from computers to pedicure settings.


La Casita, Foundation Children of Ecuador

Home Casita: “Let the children develop themselves”
It’s not always a given for children to have a safe home and loving parents. While the exact number of street children is impossible to quantify, the figure almost certainly runs into tens of millions across the world, with the number of 100 million most commonly cited. The foundation Kinderen van Ecuador (children of Ecuador) already has a history of providing support to children that are in need, thereby focusing on education, with a strong belief that the only way to break the negative spiral is through education. One of their last initiatives concerns the creation of a home for street children from the age of 0 to 21. A home that will provide warmth, care, but also the necessary support to allow them to build themselves a future. Our fund has helped them to get started by providing the financial means with which they could purchase all necessary household effects, enabling the home to open in July 2010.