Projects in 2008

 Dickisioni, Malawi waterpumps

80 percent of the Malawian residents lives on the harvest of their own small acres, mostly mais. Hore than half of the people survives on less than a dollar a day. Malawi is regulary hit by drought withe bad harvests, hunger and impoverishment as outcome. Poel Sharity Fund financed the purchase and maintenance of 24 small waterpumps, a training of 95 families in the Malawian villages Chiwoko and Chatonda. The aim was to help 500 residents to grow enough food on years time and enable them to earn money wit the the grow and sales of vegetables on the market.

Catering equipment for Hotel vocational in Tiblisi

The Hotel Vocational School in Tbilisi educates and trains students for a professional career in the tourism industry. In order to acquire on the job training experience and create income at the same time a catering service organization was initiated. We provided the equipment for the service.

Stichting Heldendom: ‘a treat for both….’

Life can be intensive if you as parent have one child (or perhaps even more than one) with a disorder in the autistic spectrum. Your child needs special care and you know how to give it to him or her. This can be very rewarding but at the same time very demanding. The foundation ‘Heldendom’ in the Netherlands attempts to support both parents and the children by providing children the possibility to stay for the weekend or a week, for a little vacation with professional care, allowing the parents some time for themselves and the other family members without having to feel guilty about it. The activation and support during their stay also helps them spending ‘free time’. Both parents and children indicate regularly free time is not easy to cope with in case of such a disorder, given lack of a fixed schedule of activities. Through our support, the foundation now has available for use a number of PC’s and a game computer that can further any learning and play during this free time.