Projects in 2007

Netherlands: Foundation Talent/Peter van Tilburg

Discover your talents and use them to achieve your dreams! In 2007, and ongoing in 2008, we have funded a number of participants in the Talent Foundation in Indonesia. This foundation was set up on October 24th 1991, named ‘Stichting Peter van Tilburg Fonds’, after the father of the founder, and renamed in 2004 into “Talent Foundation”. The Foundation strongly believes that motivated and well-educated young people all over the world have the power to make changes, and we share this belief. TALENT supports small projects worldwide which help individual young people develop their talents and skills.




Indonesia: Peduli Anak

Peduli Anak

“Our vision is to give every (street) child in the world the opportunity towards a happy and healthy life without poverty, exploitation and violence” (Chaim Fetter & Bjørn Dudok van Heel, Founder and Co-Founder of the Peduli Anak Foundation, 2005). The Peduli Anak Foundation can be characterized as a global NGO which fights for the rights of (street) children who suffer due to lack of upbringing, education and medical support. In 2006 Project Lombok was started. The project, situated in Lombok, Indonesia, provides a healthy and safe environment for children to live as well as to learn. In 2007, in support of this project, we have taken up the funding of the handcraft school to enable the children to provide for themselves, and build themselves a future.

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Netherlands: Muscles for Muscles

There are still many children who’s future is severely hampered by a life threatening illness of the muscles. This foundation beliefs in the necessity of extra funds to be released to do additional research on possible cures to provide the affected children with recovery and with a healthy future.The foundation aims to provide on a structural basis funds for research projects focussed on banning all such diseases. The Poelfund supports this mision and provides financial assistance to the Stichting Spieren voor Spieren in their fundraising efforts

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