Projects in 2006

Senegal: Facilitation of ICT classroom

Facilitating ICT classroom of a school in Sindian under construction)

Foundation SOTOS, (Stichting Ontwikkeling Technisch Onderwijs Senegal) was selected by Jan Huizinga as his “good cause” upon entering the Challenge Amsterdam- Dakar; “pimp a car’, drive it to Gambia, sell it and use the proceedings for a good cause to be selected. His enthusiasm in taking up the preparations affected and inspired the Gilde Opleidingen inVenlo, the school where he teaches. We were glad to help him make even a more generous contribution to the vocational school SOTOS was setting up in Sindian, Senegal, in providing financial support to realise the ICT classroom.

Go for Africa



Netherlands: Trailer Foodbank

Trailer with logo print for Foodbank Eindhoven, Netherlands

When a robbery of a trailer wagon, that prevented the humanitarian aid organisation that provides foodpackages for free to the people in need, to pick up the food from shops and restaurants in the vicinity, was reported in a local newspaper, a call was quickly made by Arthur van der Poel. The result; a brand new trailer wagon with the best protection ever: their logo painted all over it. As the trailer wagon was not even theirs, sponsorship from other sources also enabled them to buy a second one for the original owner.



Georgia: Palliative Care education and car

To further palliative care in Georgia, an issue warmly embraced by the humanitarian Charity Foundation SOCOin cooperation with Humanists’ Union and the Cancer Prevention Centre, we have provided sponsorhip to realise two important targets:

– study courses for Health Care professionals of the Hospice- and Home-based Palliative Care teams (“Cancer Prevention Center” and Palliative Care Association “Humanists Union”) to prepare motivated medical staff for additional implementation of Palliative Care Services in two regions of Georgia;

– means of transport. to overcome difficulties in organising of home-visits, problems in prompt transportation of end-of-life patients into the Hospice and from Hospice due to the absence of a vehicle.



Indonesia: Financial support for purchasing schoolbooks for a school on the island Nias

A school at the Indonesian island Nias was destroyed by a Tsunami. We were happy to contribute by providing financial means to purchase schoolbooks when the school was rebuilt.

Nias is the largest of the islands off Sumatra that are part of North Sumatra province. Approximately 700.000 people live on this 9,000-square-kilometer island. Illiteracy rates are high, access to the health care system, as well as resources for earning an income are poor. End of 2004 and early 2005, two earthquakes struck the island. In total almost 1000 people were reported dead, with the possibility of more than 2,000 casualties. Hundreds of buildings were toppled and many thousands were made homeless. In 2007, almost two years after the earthquake, there were still tens of thousands of internally displaced persons living in camps throughout Nias.

The Poelfund has made a contribution for the purchase of 2000 schoolbooks by the foundation ‘Howu –Howu’ ( local language for ‘unconditional giving’) to be used in the school they’ve created allowing 500 children a basic education.