Projects in 2005

Georgia: Wound Resource Centre Tbilisi

– anaesthesia equipment
– polyfunctional monitor
– quilt covers
In Georgia, especially the children are most likely to be victim of severe burns as a result of crowded homes, use of stoves, poor electrical wiring, as well as the wear of synthetic clothing, which sticks to the body when on fire. As improved care will improve these patients future, through SOCO we have sponsored the Tbilisi Center for Severe Burns with anaesthesia equipment and a polyfunctional monitor, as well as assistance to individual children patients.


Georgia: Computer project

– revision of gifted computers
– hardware
– software
– training

Mind the gap! As the digital divide is a real issue, also in Georgie, we have sponsored through SOCO a computer project for school in the regions, that consisted of 4 network installations, computer courses as well as handbooks


Netherlands: Education Beauty Care N. R.

– entree-, training and books

A more beautiful future. To take her own future in her hands, she needed some help to get her through school to become a beautician, and we provided that help with supplying some financial support.


Georgia: Project schoolbooks Gali.

Supply of schoolbooks in Georgia, in the regio’s Pshavi, Oni, en Ambrolauri

The SOCO foundation aims at contributing to the development of Georgia in the fields of education science and culture. We have supported them in enabling them to buy school books and educational equipment for the regions regio’s Pshavi, Oni, en Ambrolauri.