As of early 2019 we have a pipeline of commitments for project support that fill up our financial headroom. Much to our regret we are therefore unable to honor new applications.

What we fund (and don’t)

  • Investments in equipment or tools
  • Small sized projects of a limited duration and character of (5-10.000 Euro, 1 to 2 years duration)
  • Medium sized projects ( 10-25.000 Euro, 2 to 4 years duration)
  • Starting up of projects of a longer duration, or requiring more substantial funding that are possible candidates for continuation by other identified resources

What we do not fund
The Van der Poel Sharity Fund will not support initiatives that are outside the mission or the geographical scope of the Foundation.
Typical examples include:

  • operating expenses
  • general overhead expenses
  • campaigns
  • conferences
  • loans